Patent Pending Technology!

What is a Love Subpoena?

We here at the (fake) law offices of feel that first impressions are everything. That's why we invented The Love Subpoena®! Our patent-pending technology allows you to serve someone an actual, realistic looking subpoena.

Imagine her reaction when she realizes she’s just been subpoenaed to go out on a date...with you! How can she resist?

So whether you're single, married or just fishing around don't just stand there, stand out... and SERVE 'EM!

Wait...How does it work?

It’s easy as 1 – 2 – 3 to order your Love Subpoena. Put the patent-pending technology of our Love Subpoena to work for you! For only $29.95 (including FREE First Class mail delivery) – or $4.95 for our eSubpoena you can serve your girlfriend, wife, coworker, neighbor (you name it) with the most unique way to find love.

But what about those other, time tested ways? Don't they work?

Sure, if you want to be just like everyone else... go right ahead. While your dream girl is going out on a date with John from accounting, you can stand there all day with your flowers. Convinced yet? Orders your now!

  • Flowers are great…

    Might be too soon.

  • Chocolates are sweet…

    What if she's allergic?

  • Love Letter…

    What would you say?

  • Pass a Note…

    Sure, if you're 12!

  • WooYah Love Subpoena…

    She's gotta say YES!